Ana Navarro – Trump is the only one who drunk tweets sober

Ana Navarro went nuclear on Friday night’s “AC360” with Anderson Cooper when pro-Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord wouldn’t stop laughing about Trump’s 3 a.m. tweets about a sex tape that doesn’t exist. Both Navarro and Cooper were frustrated Lord didn’t take it seriously.

Cooper asked Lord if it was “presidential” to be tweeting about a sex tape at 3 a.m.

“What does that even mean?” Lord asked.

“Worthy of the office of president. That is what it means. Worthy of somebody who would occupy the White House,” Cooper said simply.

Lord named off a few presidents of a by-gone era and insisted that there were people that were never expected to be “presidential” but were elected anyway.

So, Cooper asked again. “I’m a student of history too. I love history and it is important to see things in context but you didn’t answer the question. Is this presidential behavior? Would you want the president of the United States to be up at 4:00 a.m. encouraging people to go look for a sex tape?”

Lord laughed out loud and blew it off, insisting that if you judge Trump by “old historical” standards he’ll never measure up. But this is a modern era and we essentially must lower our standards to match the times. “I want to make this a serious point -” Lord tried to continue.

Cooper went off. “it is a serious point. Wouldn’t want the president of the United States telling Americans to go,” he said, begging for a serious answer.

That was all Navarro could take. While sitting silently shaking her head in seeming frustration she finally went off.


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